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Why Yelp s iin Optima Tax Relief's Pocket 8

Why We Feel Yelp Is In Optima Tax Relief’s Pocket

With an overwhelming number of unchallenged claims that Optima Tax Relief employees write the vast majority of Optima Tax Relief’s 5 star reviews, a full investigation was conducted into Yelp, among other so-called user...

Judicial Overhauling 0

The Lawsuit between Optima Tax Relief’s Jesse Stockwell, Debtmerica LLC and Jesse’s Father

This is the uswatchdogs.net’s summary of the Verified Complaint filed in Massachusetts Superior Court #BACV2011-00433, by Jesse E. Torres III and Jennifer J. Adams v. Donald F. Torres, Jesse E. Torres IV (aka Jesse Stockwell, Jesse E. Stockwell), Debtmerica LLC and Sophie J. Torres. After...